Clean Gums

Happy Gums

The Peritip® is especially designed to clean the areas in the mouth that are tricky to reach. A comfortable handle with a toothpick on an angle to get around the back, insides of the teeth and can be used as a precision sulcus cleaner.


Peritip benefits

Healthy Gums

Disturbing the biofilm every day helps the body deal with pathogens in the mouth and this results in pink and healthy gums

Remove bad breath

Lodged food between the teeth is a joy for bacteria, which can really make your breath smell. Clean this away and feel mouth fresh. 

Reach tricky areas

Forget having your whole hand in your mouth when cleaning with a toothpick to reach the back of the teeth. With a Peritip®  you can reach those areas easily and discretely.


Designed by dentist

Suzanne Roelofs

Dentist MSC & Nutritionist

After years of working with people suffering from periodontal disease I know a few things. Firstly prevention is key, good food and a healthy microbiome are essential. Secondly if gingivitis and periodontist have already started, then we need to disturb the pathogenic biofilm daily with natural products. That's why we designed Peritip®.

I have a small clinic in London, doing only gum treatments.

How to use a Peritip


Put a Tip two-thirds through the hole. Secure the ring and break off the flat end. It will be uncomfortable if the Tip is too long and won’t reach tricky areas if it’s too short.


To break the bio-film, clean gently between the tooth & gum like you would when brushing.


To clean the front areas of your gum, hold your Peritip like a pen.

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